Career Connections of Western Nebraska

A collaborative approach to developing and sustaining career pathways in rural communities.

Our Focus on Rural Economies 

Career Connections of Western Nebraska is a cross-agency leadership team focused on the development of strong, vibrant rural economies.  The challenges facing rural workforce, and the systems that support them, are unique and require collaborative and targeted approaches that increase career pathways for rural learners.  Based on work with entrepreneurial rural communities across the country, we are convinced that youth are essential to real and lasting economic revitalization.

Collaboration Drives Success 

Career Connections of Western Nebraska is a cross-agency leadership team committed to developing, operating and sustaining career pathways systems and programs across the 11 Nebraska Panhandle counties. Engaged sectors include:

  • Education
  • Workforce Development
  • Economic Development
  • Human Services Industry (Employers)
  • Private Sector Funders
  • Interested stakeholders

Why Career Pathways?


Positive Impact on Business and Education   

“What’s in it for me?” Our business and education partners – along with the entire community – benefit from this initiative, including:

  • Providing a direct pipeline to a skilled labor force
  • Attracting top achievers
  • Providing students an early opportunity to explore talents and gain experience that will set them on a path to fulfilling careers
  • Engaging students in powerful learning that connects them to their communities, nurtures their career aspirations, and provides them with a head start on college, a trade and/or a career

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Engage Today

We invite you to join the growing collaborative group of individuals that share a belief in the importance of creating opportunities for students, communities, and local businesses. Contact to join one or all the coordination meetings.