TCD Supports Business Retention & Expansion

man giving presentation to engaged audienceFor business retention and expansion assistance, you can trust and rely on Twin Cities Development (TCD) for experienced service. TCD staff members have a wealth of knowledge in economic development. They are equipped to help your company tap into the fertile and growing economic infrastructure of the Western Nebraska Panhandle.

TCD recognizes that existing businesses create the most significant number of new jobs in communities. To that end, we provide companies with a single point of entry to a variety of business assistance resources. We work in partnership with the communities of the Western Nebraska Panhandle to help strengthen and grow local businesses.

How TCD Helps

Our staff is a part of the community, keeping focused on what matters most to our business owners through outreach and services. Give us 15–30 minutes of your time to confidentially share what concerns you most, such as workforce, training, and community services, and we will provide customized demographics, data, trends, and resources that will leverage your success.

After the intake stage and information sharing, follow-ups will begin with an eye on solutions and improvements. We partner with area organizations and agencies that can help resolve issues and open doors to programs such as economic development incentives, workforce training, financial assistance, utilities, energy audits, infrastructure, project assistance, business management, consulting, networking and business development, marketing assistance, grant opportunities, intern programs, and much more!

Why It’s Easy

  • No hassle to participate because we do the legwork.
  • Access to the combined resources of many organizations made easy.
  • Take advantage of business support programs that help you improve your bottom line, grow, and create jobs.
  • No cost to you.

Please contact us today for a consultation. We look forward to working with you! The economy of our region is strengthened through teamwork.