Our Western Nebraska Panhandle Communities

Here in the Western Nebraska Panhandle, our communities are shaped by our rugged landscape and pioneer history and thrive because of our collective commitment to progress and economic development. Twin Cities Development (TCD) is dedicated to supporting these communities and their agencies however they may need.


Bayard Main Photo


Bayard, located in west central Morrill County, bases its economy on agriculture and livestock. The original town of Bayard was established in July of 1888, and Chimney Rock, designated a national historic site by the federal government in 1956, remains its most prominent landmark....Learn More »
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Bridgeport, known as “Trail City, U.S.A.,” is the county seat of Morrill County, whose economy is based on agriculture, railroads, and government. This deep-rooted community was founded in 1900 as a station by the Burlington Railroad. The town is located on or near many historic trails of the West, including Oregon, California, Mormon, Pony Express, and Sidney-Black Hills Trails. Courthouse and Jail Rocks, south of Bridgeport, were landmarks mentioned in many travelers' journals....Learn More »
Gering Main Photo


Gering, the seat of Scotts Bluff County, is a picturesque community set against the scenic Wildcat Hills and situated at the foot of Scotts Bluff National Monument, an Oregon Trail landmark. It is paired with Scottsbluff to make up the “Twin Cities” separated by the North Platte River. The Gering Industrial Park has 200 shovel-ready acres....Learn More »
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“All trails lead to Kimball.” Kimball, the seat of Kimball County, is a rural standard for economic growth. Working in Kimball means zero commute and a low cost of living coupled with a warm sense of community and high civic engagement....Learn More »
Kimball County Main Photo

Kimball County

Founded on the high plains, Kimball County is a community filled with all of the values and friendliness that make rural America a great place to live and visit. Its county seat is Kimball....Learn More »
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Minatare, located in Scotts Bluff County, about halfway between Chimney Rock and Scotts Bluff National Monument, offers residents the pleasures of small-town living while still having access to many city amenities in nearby Scottsbluff. Corn is one of the main exports today, and 90 percent of Great Northern beans grown in America come from the North Platte River Valley. Sugar beets remain a standard crop....Learn More »
Mitchell Main Photo


Mitchell in Scotts Bluff County was established in 1900 when the Chicago, Burlington, and Quincy Railroad was extended westward to that point. It is part of the renowned Old West Balloon Festival each August, and the Scotts Bluff County Fairgrounds are located just west of the city....Learn More »
Morrill Main Photo


The Village of Morrill in Scotts Bluff County is located in the extreme west Panhandle of Nebraska. This small, friendly community prides itself on community development and has excellent schools and businesses. Morrill was incorporated in April of 1907, and some of the original buildings are still occupied by thriving businesses....Learn More »
Morrill County Main Photo

Morrill County

Graced with rolling hills, Morrill County is also home to Chimney Rock, a prominent landmark on the Oregon Trail. Bridgeport, the county seat, hosts the annual Camp Clarke Days, the best of small-town living....Learn More »
Scotts Bluff County Main Photo

Scotts Bluff County

Scotts Bluff County is on the western border of Nebraska and named after the prominent bluff — Scotts Bluff National Monument — that served as a landmark for 19th-century pioneers traveling along the Oregon Trail. The landscape is simply breathtaking. Its county seat is Gering, and its largest city is Scottsbluff. Separated by only the  North Platte River, these are our “twin cities.”...Learn More »
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Scottsbluff is the largest city in Scotts Bluff County and the Western Nebraska Panhandle while grabbing the spot of 13th largest city in Nebraska overall. The city shares its borders with the City of Gering, and the City of Terrytown for a total micropolitan population base of over 24,000 residents. Located in the Great Plains region of the United States, Scottsbluff is the retail hub of Western Nebraska and Eastern Wyoming, offering abundant lodging, dining, and shopping experiences....Learn More »
Terrytown Main Photo


Terrytown in Scotts Bluff County is located on the bank of the North Platte River between the cities of Scottsbluff and Gering. Separated only by the river, Scottsbluff and Gering have grown together to form the 7th largest urban area in Nebraska, which incorporates the small city of Terrytown as well....Learn More »