Nebraska’s Revolutionary Internship Program is Taking Applications

Nebraska’s Revolutionary Internship Program is Taking Applications Main Photo

19 Jan 2024

Applications are now open for Nebraska’s internship program powered by InternNE! This revolutionary program incentivizes businesses to create internship opportunities for local students by reimbursing them up to $7,500 per internship. Funds are limited, so apply by February 28th to receive your free grant money! Additionally, Twin Cities Development Association is excited to offer any assistance in understanding more about the program.

By investing in Nebraska’s high school and college students, the program aims to propel the next generation of workers into careers that give back to the community.

What to Know as an Employer

The InternNE program is powered by the Aksarben initiative, previously recognized as the Intern Nebraska Grant Program (internNE). The program makes it easy for employers and students to register and join. Eligible employers should be based in Nebraska and can run either a for-profit or non-profit organization. As part of InternNE’s commitment to supporting participating employers, organizations will be reimbursed 50% of the cost of each internship – up to $7,500 per intern. While interns will be paid, employers will only be shouldering half of the required minimum-wage intern salary.

InternNE completely removes the burden of creating an internship program by designing one for you! Participating employers will work with a dedicated Regional Program Coordinator. These coordinators will develop unique internship strategies, making the task of starting an internship program much easier for local businesses. While businesses are required to provide quality internships (teaching real-world skills), their assigned Program Coordinator will be available to assist with ideation. Coordinators will also connect with community colleges in their assigned region to find the best students to fit each opportunity.

Another benefit to employers is the potential for future full-time recruitment. Once relationships have been established, many students have the potential to become full-time employees after graduation. This path saves money and resources on otherwise lengthy recruitment endeavors. Many employers choose to hire their interns to save time on interviewing and training a brand-new employee.

What to Know as a Student

To date, the state of Nebraska has invested $19 million into the InternNE program, and they anticipate a high volume of student interest! Eligible students should be a junior or senior in high school, attending a local college or university, or applying for the program within 12 months of graduation. Students enrolled in trade schools or other forms of certified higher education are also eligible. Unlike many standard internships, which don’t offer compensation, students will be paid at least minimum wage.

The Regional Program Coordinators responsible for the creation of these internship programs aim to make the experience enriching and relevant. Students who participate won’t just be note-takers and coffee-carriers – they’ll be learning transferable skills that demonstrate they’re a valuable part of the workforce. Employers who participate are required to have their interns work on real-world projects and contribute to the company’s objectives. They also provide interns with accredited or certified training for in-demand skills, especially in industries experiencing a labor shortage. Students should also be prepared for great opportunities to come their way, since more than half of Nebraska interns become full-time employees after their internship.

Submit Your Application

Nebraska businesses interested in the InternNE program can apply until February 28th. Employers can also reach out to the Twin Cities Development Association for more resources or to gain access to the program. To take advantage of this exciting opportunity, apply today!