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How to Build an Effective Marketing Strategy and Plan

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February 23 8:00 AM



In today's ever changing marketplace it is a challenge to find the right messaging, branding, and marketing strategy to connect with your target customer.

With the variety of digital marketing options available, it can be confusing to determine which will work best for your business much less build an effective marketing strategy and plan.

In this Live Online Workshop you will learn how to clarify the message to your target customers and identify the right platform to reach them. As part of the workshop you will create a draft of a 12-month marketing plan that you can start executing the same day.

To be discussed:

  • Clarifying the company‚Äôs key message to customers and prospects
  • Knowing exactly what your customer thinks about your brand
  • Discovering what makes you better than the competition to own your market segment
  • Presenting the experience that converts prospects into customers
  • Creating a simple and effective marketing plan.
  • Developing effective lead generation campaigns
  • Social media & content strategies that make you a thought leader
  • Plus many FREE, simple, downloadable resources you can use immediately in your business.