Pricing for Profit and Growth

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January 13, 2023 8:00 AM



How to Price for Profit and Growth

*Smarter Pricing Guidelines for Small Businesses*

Are you one of the 75% of small business owners that: 

  • does not have a simple and effective pricing model and/or 
  • consistently under-prices your work?

If so, this Live Online Workshop is for YOU!

You will be put on the path to a better understanding of:

  • The difference between mark-ups and actual profit margins
  • ´╗┐How to calculate and utilize your Cost of Goods Sold in pricing
  • Pricing models for service businesses, consultants, online and storefront retailers, and manufacturers
  • Using fixed or variable costs to price for profit

This Workshop will engage the business owner in how to analyze costs to be able to better format various pricing models:

  • Cost Plus Pricing
  • Competition-based Pricing
  • Good / Better/ Best models
  • Margin-based Pricing
  • When to utilize Premium vs. Discount strategies
  • How to calculate a Break-even sales goal

In attendees own words:

I was feeling stuck because I did not know how to operate in a very competitive market. In this workshop I got tools to work with and a sense of direction. The presentation was easy to understand and quite enlightening - OK

Zoom training has been extremely informative and insightful. I appreciate the instructor's candid detailed stories- easy to draw a contrast. - BR

Duration: 2 Hours

Fee: $20

About Our Instructor

Jai Knauff - Score Mentor in Ecommerce and Online Marketing.

Jai has spent nearly 2 decades working in the ecommerce space mainly in B2B sales, marketing and new business development.

From 2001-2008 she was the ecommerce manager for Ryder (a Fortune 500 company) in their parts division. In 2008 she  founded and operated : a profitable B2B ecommerce business specializing in energy and water efficiency products. She recently sold the business and is looking for her next small business adventure.