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Homebuyer Education Classes

Ever wish school had been filled with more practical topics like “how to buy a home”? We are here to help with monthly Homebuyer Education Classes!

The two-night training is $30 per household and includes information on choosing a home, applying for a mortgage loan, budgeting, insurance, foreclosure prevention, credit reporting, closing costs, and title insurance. The class is approved by Nebraska Housing Developers Association’s Readiness Education Awareness Collaborative for Homebuyers and Homeowners (REACH).

Homebuyer Education Classes in 2023


Cómo Generar más Clientes y Ganancias

April 15 6:00 PM Online

Aprende lo qué hay que hacer para atraer y retener clientes. Si tienes un negocio o estás pensando iniciar uno, tienes que asistir a este SEMINARIO VIRTUAL GRATIS, dónde aprenderás cómo...

A Basic QuickBooks Guide for Small Business Owners

April 16 11:00 AM Online

If you’re a small business owner, chances are you’ve heard about QuickBooks. That’s because QuickBooks is the most popular accounting software on the market. In this webinar, our expert presenter will...

Manage Your Own Social Media

April 16 11:00 AM Online

Developing a strategy, creating content, and managing your social media can feel overwhelming. Paying someone to do it can ALSO be challenging or break your budget. Join us to learn...

Grow with Google: Get Your Local Business on Google Search and Maps

April 16 11:30 AM Online

Grow with Google has a network of more than 8,500 partner organizations and the SI SBDC is proud to be one of them! In this webinar learn: *What is a Google...

The Bottom Line: Understanding Your Business Financials

April 16 6:00 PM Online

Do you know what your business numbers mean? Get an overview of financial statements and take the mystery out of creating or expanding the financial portion of your business plan...

Programas Para Empresarios en Areas Rurales

April 17 7:30 AM Online

Acompáñanos a este taller virtual dirigido a empresarios en áreas rurales orientando acerca de los programas de financiamiento de la Administración Federal para las Pequeñas Empresas (U.S. Small Business Administration)...

Childcare Business Kickstart

April 17 9:00 AM Online

Ever thought of starting your own childcare center? Join our comprehensive training session on March 27, where we'll cover everything, you need to know to kickstart your childcare venture. Topics...

How To Create Marketing Graphics Like A Rockstar With Canva

April 17 11:00 AM Online

No need to hire a graphic designer or invest in expensive software…Canva can help you create marketing graphics like a rockstar! This affordable programs allows you to easily “drag and...

Managing Cash Flow for Your Business

April 17 5:30 PM Online

The course will cover an in depth look at how cash flow information is generated from your business financial information. (Duration 1.5 hours)

Making Your First 10 Sales on TikTok Shop

April 17 9:30 PM Online

Customers spent $3.8 billion on TikTok Shop last year. And that number is only increasing in 2024. As more and more people look to TikTok for products to buy, it...

Marketing 101: Obtener y Retener Clientes

April 18 8:00 AM Online

Esta presentación interactiva es para todos los empresarios que desean aprender sobre la comercialización de su negocio para llegar a una base de clientes más amplia. Las pequeñas empresas deben poder...

Unleash the Power of Your Credit

April 18 9:00 AM Online

Are you a passionate entrepreneur but lack established business credit? Don't let that hold you back! This session equips you with knowledge and strategies to leverage your personal credit history...

Blueprint for Security: Essential Policies and Procedures for Cyber Defense

April 18 12:00 PM Online

Establish a solid cybersecurity foundation with the right policies and procedures. This webinar guides youthrough the essential documents your business needs, from incident response plans to data protection policies.

Establishing and Repairing Credit

April 19 9:00 AM Online

Is your credit not the best? Do you want to learn how to establish credit? There are steps that you can begin taking immediately to begin both establishing and repairing...

Bird Conservancy Birds & Brews

April 19 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM Papa Moon Craft Ciders 230975 Co Rd J Scottsbluff, Nebraska 69361

Bird Conservancy of the Rockies is excited to announce our first annual spring Birds & Brews!This exciting new event will bring together bird lovers, outdoors enthusiasts, and community leaders from...

Principios Basicos Para el Lanzamiento De Su Negocio

April 20 7:30 AM Online

¿ESTÁ LISTO PARA SER SU PROPIO JEFE?Este taller, organizado por SCORE Broward, le ayudará a preparar un plan de negocios para convertir su sueño en realidad.Comenzar su propio negocio es...

Earth Day Celebration

April 20 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM Keep Scottsbluff Gering Beautiful 2302 Frontage Rd Scottsbluff, Nebraska 69361

Outstanding Ai Tools for Your Business

April 20 4:00 PM Online

Ai has taken the world by storm, and in this webinar, we will show you free advanced Ai tools that could save you hours of work and resources.The goal of...

Foro de Negocios Abierto

April 22 10:00 AM Online

¿Eres dueño de un pequeño negocio en busca de ideas valiosas, oportunidades de networking y una comunidad solidaria para superar los desafíos del emprendimiento? ¡No busques más! El Foro Abierto...

Planning for a Healthy Business

April 22 11:00 AM Online

Planning for a Healthy Business is an interactive online webinar that encourages participants to focus on planning as an essential competency of business ownership. No matter where entrepreneurs are in...

Unleash Your Brand Power

April 22 4:00 PM Online

Why your image matters?Learn the importance of Personal branding and a visual representation in entrepreneurship.The power of visual storytelling:Use imagery to tell your brand story and connect with your audienceConfidence-building...

How To Use Local SEO to Build Your Online Presence

April 23 10:00 AM Online

In this free webinar, learn how to how to use local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies to build your online presence. Online marketing strategist and impact influencer Jimmy Newson will...

¿Es Ser Dueño De Un Negocio, Una Buena Opción Para Usted?

April 23 11:00 AM Online

Este taller, "¿Es Ser Dueño De Un Negocio, Una Buena Opción Para Usted?", ofrece una experiencia interactiva que alienta a sus participantes a tomar decisiones importantes sobre su disposición a...

Starting Your Business 101

April 23 3:00 PM Online

If you're entertaining the idea of starting your own business, your FIRST STEP is to attend the free Salt Lake SBDC Starting Your Business 101 workshop. In this 1 1/2 hour...

Childcare Building Blocks

April 24 7:00 AM Online

Our Building Blocks training is tailored for individuals who have completed our Kickstart training or are actively working with Child Care Aware of Kentucky or the Family Child Care Network...

Understanding the Business Loan Process

April 24 10:00 AM Online

Do you have a great idea for a business and the only thing standing in your way is the money to give it some legs? Or, you already own your...

Building Strong Business & Personal Credit

April 24 12:30 PM Online

Do you understand how business and personal credit affects you and your business and how to maximize it to your benefit?Topics:Types of Credit and UsageHow does it affect you?How to...

Publicar en Redes Sociales NO es una Estrategia de Marketing

April 25 10:00 AM Online

¿Estás cansado de publicar en redes sociales sin ver resultados?Descubre cómo cambiar tu enfoque en nuestro webinar "Publicar en Redes Sociales No es una Estrategia de Marketing".Presentado por Marco Ríos,...

Work Smarter: Repurposing Content on Social Media

April 25 10:00 AM Online

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, maximizing the impact of your content is key. Join marketing expert Catrina Gardner as she shares actionable strategies to repurpose your content effectively...

Pricing for Profit

April 25 11:00 AM Online

Training Topics:  Business Financing, Cash Flow Management, Managing a Business, Marketing/Sales, Specialized Assistance Description:  Pricing your services is one of the most important decisions you will make in your business. Find...

Myths and Realities of Small Business Funding

April 25 12:00 PM Online

If thinking about financing your small business makes your head spin, we’re here to help. Join us for Myths and Realities of Small Business Funding.This program will cover the new...

¿Te gustaría ser tu propio JEFE?

April 25 1:00 PM Online

Descubre lo que se necesita para ser dueño de una empresa! Hay un montón de cosas a considerar antes de dar el salto! ¿Qué tipo de negocio?Acerca de este evento1...

Finding the Financing Fit for Your Business

April 26 8:00 AM Online

Discover the right financing path for your small business in our one-hour webinar, 'Finding the Financing Fit for Your Small Business.' Delve into the array of funding options available in...

The Fundamentals of Business Credit

April 26 9:00 AM Online

How do you build excellent business credit? What are lenders looking for when providing funding? What’s the importance of a business plan? All of these are important questions that you...

Best Ways to Grow Your Business on a Budget

April 26 11:00 AM Online

This informative webinar will cover top-producing, cost-effective marketing methods to build brand awareness, increase repeat business and generate quality leads. In addition, speaker will share some of my favorite free...

Como Iniciar Una Pequeña Empresa

April 26 1:00 PM Online

¿Quiere todos los beneficios de poseer su propio negocio? Asista a este rápido y altamente informativo taller y aprenda a iniciar su propio negocio pequeño. Aprenderá los pasos y procesos...

Fused Glass Mushrooms

April 26 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM Elodie's Oddities: Paint your own Pottery 102 East Overland Scottsbluff, Nebraska 69361

Create your choice of one 6 inch mushroom OR 2- 3inch fused glass mushroom for your garden. We will show you how to cut and break glass, give you a...

Como influenciar en las decisiones de compra de sus clientes?

April 27 7:30 AM Online

¿Sabía que el 95% de las decisiones de compra de los consumidores son inconscientes? ¿Sabía que tiene solo 0,4 segundos para captar la atención de sus clientes?Conectar con la mente...

Why Do Most New Businesses Fail at Content Creation: The Critical Role of AI

April 27 10:00 AM Online

Unlock the secrets to sustainable content creation success. Discover how harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence can revolutionize your content strategy. Gain invaluable insights and practical tips to elevate your...

All About Me May Day Basket Class

April 28 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM Emporium Express 401 S Beltline Hwy W Suite #2 Scottsbluff, Nebraska 69361

This winter has been so long! Let's pamper ourselves with an All About Me May Day Basket Class. Grab a friend and pop down to our Downtown Gering Bean and...

Marketing 101

April 29 10:00 AM Online

Marketing is an integral part of promoting your business. In this workshop you’ll learn the basic principles and best practices for marketing your self, your goods and your business. Topics...

Managing Cash Flow: Practical Problem Solving

April 29 11:00 AM Online

Managing Cash Flow is an interactive learning experience that encourages the participants to focus on cash flow management as an essential competency of business ownership. No matter where learners are...

Building Credit for a Brighter Financial Future

April 30 8:00 AM Online

Learn the ways to establish and maintain solid credit so that you achieve favorable terms (e.g., interest rates) and reasonable monthly payments to help you achieve your long-range financial goals...

10 Things to Know Before You Start a Business

April 30 9:00 AM Online

This LIVE webinar serves to create an open forum of Q&A, with interactive conversation among participants and our SBDC Staff and Consultants - it will not be recorded!In this session: 10 Things You...

Build & Improve Your Social Media Presence: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google

April 30 4:00 PM Online

Social Media is a powerful marketing channel—and potential game-changer. In this webinar, we’ll guide your strategy with effective tools to establish and grow your online presence.SOCIAL BRANDING TIPS: How to...


Payment Processing

May 01 10:00 AM Online

This one-hour webinar is designed for small business owners to learn more about credit card optimization, including reducing fees on credit cards and gifts cards.Learning Outcomes:Choosing a Processor - What...

10 pasos para iniciar su empresa

May 01 1:00 PM Online

¿Estás interesado en iniciar un negocio? Si es así, únase a la Oficina del Distrito de Los Ángeles de la Agencia Federal de Pequeños Negocios (SBA) para un taller virtual para...

Business 101: Ready for Entrepreneurship? [Start-Up Essentials]

May 01 4:00 PM Online

Are you thinking about launching a small business? Not sure what is involved? Unsure if you have a viable business idea? Join this introductory presentation to break down the nuts...

Using AI and ChatGPT in Your Business

May 02 9:00 AM Online

Join this live webinar and discover how your small business can use AI/ChatGPT for content generation, market research, competitor analysis and idea generation. This introductory session will give you an...

Social Media Essentials For Business

May 02 10:00 AM Online

Social media can be overwhelming for business owners. Which platforms. How often to post. What to post. This class will give you the basics every business owner should know as...

WordPress: Top 10 Tips for Success

May 03 11:00 AM Online

Join us to learn why WordPress is such an amazing resource for Small Businesses and the Top 10 Tips for Success.•        Easy-to-use Content Management System•               Website Hosting for Optimal Performance•               How...

Legal Series for Business Owners

May 14 4:30 PM Online

Join us for an informative and engaging event designed specifically for small business owners like you! Our Legal Series for Business Owners is your opportunity to gain valuable insights and guidance on...

Decoding CMMC: A Step-by-Step Compliance Roadmap

May 16 12:00 PM Online

Unpack the complexities of CMMC compliance with a clear, step-by-step roadmap. From scoping tocertification, this session lays out each phase, helping you navigate the path to compliance with confidence.


Planes, Cars, and Coffee!

June 01 7:00 AM - 10:00 AM Western Nebraska Regional Airport 250023 Airport Terminal St Scottsbluff, NE 69361

Do you have a car you want to display? Or maybe need a reason to get the airplane out of the hangar? Do you just enjoy looking at cars and/or...

Legal Series for Business Owners

June 11 4:30 PM Online

Join us for an informative and engaging event designed specifically for small business owners like you! Our Legal Series for Business Owners is your opportunity to gain valuable insights and guidance on...

Strategic Scoping: Simplifying CMMC Compliance

June 20 12:00 PM Online

Uncover the art of ‘scoping’ to streamline your CMMC journey, focusing on defining the IT boundaries that contain CUI. This approach not only simplifies compliance but also makes it more...


Legal Series for Business Owners

July 09 4:30 PM Online

Join us for an informative and engaging event designed specifically for small business owners like you! Our Legal Series for Business Owners is your opportunity to gain valuable insights and guidance on...

★ Oregon Trail Days Craft Show

July 13 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM Legion Park 1320 12th St Gering, Nebraska 69341

CMMC 2.0: Navigating the Latest Updates and What They Mean for You

July 18 12:00 PM Online

Stay ahead of the curve with insights into the latest CMMC 2.0 updates, including the impact of the revision of NIST SP 800-171 (Rev 3). Understand the changes, anticipate new...