Build and Leverage Credit to Get Financing & Grow Your Business

May 20 9:00 AM



When you’re a business owner, strong credit scores can be an asset by helping you qualify for a business credit card, an SBA loan, or other types of funding that take the owner’s personal credit into account. 

But if you’re not careful, your business can hurt your credit scores. 

In addition, your business also has its own credit scores and reports which are used in a variety of credit and business decisions, but many business owners don’t know that. 

You’ll learn:

  •          Which credit bureaus compile business credit reports and how they are used, 
  •          Business credit scores and the factors that help build strong scores
  •          Key ways business credit is different from personal
  •          Quick steps you can take now to build business credit (even if you have no business credit or poor personal credit);
  •          And much more!

Nav’s credit and small business expert Gerri Detweiler has been answering credit questions for more than twenty years. 

She'll look forward to answering yours, while providing new insights, in this webinar.