Talk About How You Help People - What to Say On Social Media

May 17 2:00 PM



Join Nia Confer - Founder & Creative Director of Sophisticated Beginner and the UTSA SBDC for this webinar. If your business is NOT producing raving fans & repeat customers, you may have a Value Proposition problem. Essentially, people don't understand how your products or services can improve their quality of life.

In this workshop, we will: 

  • uncover the emotional benefits that your products or services provide
  • learn how to tell the world about that value in a way they’ll understand & actually want to be a part of!

By the end of this workshop, you will:

  • Understand How You Really Help People
  • Pick 5 Keywords That Will Help People Understand You
  • Take Home A Simple Plan to Keep Posting About Your Value Online"