How to Pick a Business Name

June 20 8:00 AM



Online Workshop

This session is designed to help participants understand the critical role of a business name in branding and marketing. We will review why a good business name matters and explore creative brainstorming techniques such as mind mapping, using foreign languages or wordplay, and leveraging industry-specific jargon. We will delve into the legal considerations as well as the search implications of business names online, emphasizing the importance of conducting trademark searches and checking name availability in business registries and businesses already registered in other states, along with tips for securing domain names and social media handles.

Presenter Heather Turner is a Granite Region Certified SCORE mentor. She spent twenty years cooking professionally and in 2003 started her own business (with the assistance of a SCORE mentor). She currently teaches social media and marketing for small businesses and mentors and co-mentors in the chapter for marketing and social media for startup businesses and for existing businesses who need some help and guidance in the digital age. She also specializes in working with the hospitality industry for operations, both starting a food business as well as in business.