Business Trainings

At Twin Cities Development (TCD), our superpower is expertly connecting you to the resources you need. Our area is fortunate to have a training calendar and Western Nebraska Community College (WNCC) to help fulfill your workforce training needs.

WNCC’s Workforce Training department can help you train and maintain a workforce that is up-to-date on today’s technologies and licenses — all at an affordable cost. Their trainings are conducted by experts who have the knowledge and expertise to serve your employees and business. WNCC has training options in manufacturing, business technologies, leadership, computer skills, and regulatory compliance, but they also make every effort to provide customized workplace training to suit your specific needs.

Explore WNCC’s Workforce Training department today, check out the training calendar below, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us at TCD! We’ll be happy to help you navigate the choices available.


Estrategias de Influencers de Instagram para Restaurantes

July 15 6:30 PM Online

Le compartiremos las herramientas y tácticas de redes sociales más exitosas, probadas en el mundo real, que le ayudarán a que sus clientes adoren su restaurante.Eliminaremos mitos y Cómo convertirse...

Cost Optimization Strategies

July 16 9:00 AM Online

These questions will be answered in this webinar:When is a “Good Time” to look at your operational costs?What is cost optimization and how does it benefit your business?Where should you...

Business Bank Loan Application Tips

July 16 10:00 AM Online

During this workshop attendees will delve into an array of topics essential for navigating the business loan landscape. First, we'll explore the diverse spectrum of business loan options available, ranging...

Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Business

July 16 11:00 AM Online

Starting a business can be exciting, but it's easy to make mistakes that can hinder your success. Join our upcoming webinar to learn how to avoid common pitfalls and gain...

Financiando A Su Negocio

July 16 11:00 AM Online

Antes de investigar las opciones de financiamiento para su negocio, lo primero que debe hacer es evaluar minuciosamente su situación financiera actual.A pesar de tener la idea y ser bueno...

Childcare Business Kickstart

July 17 9:00 AM Online

Ever thought of starting your own childcare center? Join our comprehensive training session on July 17th, where we'll cover everything, you need to know to kickstart your childcare venture. Topics...

¿Te gustaría ser tu propio JEFE?

July 17 9:00 AM Online

Acerca de este eventoDescubre lo que se necesita para ser dueño de una empresa!Hay un montón de cosas a considerar antes de dar el salto!Qué tipo de negocio? Cuáles son...

Giving It Your All on Google

July 18 7:00 AM Online

Business owners don’t always realize just what an important tool Google Business Profiles can be for their organization. In business, perception is reality. The reality is if your prospects search...

Hiring and Training Staff for Exceptional Service in the Hospitality Industry

July 18 10:00 AM Online

Why is it that some restaurants have such great staff and team? Let's explore how great teams are built, sustained and grown. And how to get and keep great teammates...

CMMC 2.0: Navigating the Latest Updates and What They Mean for You

July 18 12:00 PM Online

Stay ahead of the curve with insights into the latest CMMC 2.0 updates, including the impact of the revision of NIST SP 800-171 (Rev 3). Understand the changes, anticipate new...

Bookkeeping Made Easy

July 19 1:00 PM Online

Bookkeeping Made EasySet your books up in “Wave” for Free and Join the Monthly follow-up group to improve your bookkeeping and get support. Join Our Monthly Support Group to Improve Your...

QuickBooks Basico

July 20 7:30 AM Online

Aprenda a Administrar y Controlar su negocio, con un programa completo, amigable y fácil de utilizar.Este webinar está diseñado para principiantes que tienen poca o ninguna experiencia con QuickBooks, y...

Principios basicos para el lanzamiento de su negocio

July 20 7:30 AM Online

¿ESTÁ LISTO PARA SER SU PROPIO JEFE?Este taller, organizado por SCORE Broward, le ayudará a preparar un plan de negocios para convertir su sueño en realidad.Comenzar su propio negocio es...

TikTok Tactics: Transforming Small Businesses into Big Brand Trailblazers!

July 20 8:00 AM Online

Are you a business owner looking for innovative ways to boost your brand, engage with your audience, and monetize your efforts? Look no further! TikTok has taken the world by...

Power Your Business Using Email Marketing

July 22 11:00 AM Online

This webinar is perfect for new business owners and those who want to grow their business. We’ll cover the important purposes of email campaigns, critical elements of an email and...

Menu Engineering for Profitability

July 22 3:00 PM Online

Have you ever had that feeling that some items are more profitable than others? And you know for sure that some items sell more than others. But where do those...

Sell Like a Pro: Master Sales Strategies to Skyrocket Your Business

July 23 8:00 AM Online

This immersive session is designed to equip entrepreneurs, and business owners with powerful techniques to boost their sales performance. Learn how to identify and engage your target audience, craft compelling...

Market Research: Your Business and Competition

July 23 8:00 AM Online

As part of its ongoing Expert Speaker Series, the Florida APEX Accelerator at UCF is pleased to host the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Office of Government Contracting – Area III...

Grow with Google: Increase Your Sales with Google Tools

July 24 10:00 AM Online

Learn how to promote your products online using Google tools. We’ll show how local brick-and-mortar businesses can list products on a Google Business Profile.  We’ll also cover Google Merchant Center,...

What's New in Social Media: Updates and Strategies for Success

July 24 11:00 AM Online

What's New in Social Media: Updates and Strategies for Success

Building Credit for Your Business

July 25 10:00 AM Online

Credit Reporting and My BusinessThe Impact of Personal Credit on My BusinessBusiness Credit ReportingHow Lenders Evaluate Your CreditworthinessCredit Reporting and Business Operations

Claves Legales para Emprendedores

July 25 10:00 AM Online

This is a bilingual event. Se trata de un acto bilingüe EspañolEn este evento, descubrirás cómo proteger tu negocio con estrategias legales esenciales. Aprenderás sobre la importancia de contar con contratos...

Starting a Childcare Business

July 25 10:30 AM Online

Looking to start a childcare business? Join the Texas Health and Human Services as they discuss Childcare Regulation’s role and services offered in opening and regulating childcare programs in Texas...

Starting Your Own Business

July 26 8:00 AM Online

Have you ever dreamt of starting your own business? The time has come to transform that dream into reality! Join us for an immersive webinar where you'll discover the essential...

Best Ways to Grow Your Business on a Budget

July 26 11:00 AM Online

With so many marketing options available for small businesses, where should you allocate your budget and resources in order to maximize results? You’re not alone if you feel overwhelmed in...

Conociendo y aprendiendo de la competencia

July 27 7:30 AM Online

En este webinar aprenderá, los pasos para identificar y estudiar a los competidores, las fuentes de recopilación de datos, uso de herramientas de análisis de comparación competitiva, y desarrollo de...

The Benefits of Having A Website

July 27 10:00 AM Online

This workshop will address the crucial role a website plays in the current digital era. The workshop presenter will delve into the importance of online presence, how to effectively design...

10 Pasos Para Comercializar Su Nuevo Negocio

July 29 11:00 AM Online

Los participantes aprenderán cómo mejorar su presencia en la web al conectarse de manera efectiva con clientes potenciales a través de un sitio web, redes sociales y correo electrónico. Una...

Grow With Google: Learn The Basics of Google Ads

July 29 1:00 PM Online

In this workshop you will learn how to reach more customers and grow your business with Google Ads. We will cover how to create an account and set up an ad campaign,...

Build & Improve Your Social Media Presence: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google

July 29 4:00 PM Online

Social Media is a powerful marketing channel—and potential game-changer. In this webinar, we’ll guide your strategy with effective tools to establish and grow your online presence.SOCIAL BRANDING TIPS: How to...

Set Your Business up for Success Hiring and Retaining Quality Employees

July 30 9:00 AM Online

Hiring and retaining quality employees is crucial for business success. This presentation will focus on how small businesses can use Savings Incentive Match Plans for Employees (SIMPLE IRAs) to attract...

Increase Sales with Google Tools

July 30 10:00 AM Online

Learn how to sell your products online. We'll walk through listing your products for free with Google Busines Profile and Merchant Center. We'll show you one way to sell on...

Protecting and Growing Your Small to Medium-Sized Business

July 30 11:00 AM Online

It’s a tale as old as time: How can businesses scale and grow successfully while protecting their revenue and brand from fraud? Businesses can leverage technology and third-party partners to...

Accounting for Small Businesses: WaveApp 101

July 31 9:00 AM Online

In this part of our Accounting series, join The Catalyst's Operations Manager and CPA, Sandy Edwards, as she goes through the basics of WaveApps. This online accounting platform offers its...

Cultivating a Business Mindset for Success

July 31 2:00 PM Online

Join us and other entrepreneurs in this hands-on workshop where you will write your “Unique Value Statement” for your new product or service. This is a concise description of your product...

Master Your Social Media Message

July 31 2:00 PM Online

If your business is NOT producing raving fans & repeat customers, your marketing messaging is probably the problem. Sophisticated Beginner shares a new approach to Payoff Marketing so your social...


Designing a Marketing Plan to Grow Your Business

August 01 10:00 AM Online

Every business is different and what works for one may not work for another. The same goes for your marketing plan! Join SBA and SCORE Houston to gain a solid understanding...

Simple Steps for Starting your Business

August 01 5:00 PM Online

This virtual LIVE workshop focuses on testing your business idea and identifying the key factors that influence start up success. As a virtual meeting, there will be opportunity for direct...

Building and Expanding your Business AND Protecting your Business

August 03 8:00 AM Online

During this workshop we talk about business credit, why it is important to create business credit and how it can help with planning and expansion of a business. We discuss...

Restaurant Management

August 05 3:00 PM Online

Do you often feel like winning is a lot of hard work and requires a dose of magic? Guess what? This seminar is for you! Join us to learn how...

Podcast Concept & Creation

August 05 3:00 PM Online

In this interactive first module of Podcast Concept Creation, participants will learn the differences and benefits of podcasts and video podcasts, know their “why”, define their audience, know what makes...

Legal Series for Business Owners

August 13 4:30 PM Online

Join us for an informative and engaging event designed specifically for small business owners like you! Our Legal Series for Business Owners is your opportunity to gain valuable insights and guidance on...

Beyond Your Borders: Ensuring Vendor Compliance with CMMC & NIST 800-171

August 15 12:00 PM Online

Explore strategies to extend your cybersecurity standards to third-party vendors. Learn how to assess vendor compliance, address gaps, and maintain a secure supply chain in line with CMMC and NIST...


Planes, Cars, and Coffee!

September 07 7:00 AM - 10:00 AM Western Nebraska Regional Airport 250023 Airport Terminal St Scottsbluff, NE 69361

Do you have a car you want to display? Or maybe need a reason to get the airplane out of the hangar? Do you just enjoy looking at cars and/or...

Legal Series for Business Owners

September 10 4:30 PM Online

Join us for an informative and engaging event designed specifically for small business owners like you! Our Legal Series for Business Owners is your opportunity to gain valuable insights and guidance on...

Tackling the Tough Ten: Strategies for the Hardest CMMC Requirements

September 19 12:00 PM Online

Break down the ten most challenging aspects of CMMC compliance. This session offers practical strategies, expert tips, and resources to turn these hurdles into milestones on your compliance journey.


Legal Series for Business Owners

October 08 4:30 PM Online

Join us for an informative and engaging event designed specifically for small business owners like you! Our Legal Series for Business Owners is your opportunity to gain valuable insights and guidance on...

Ready, Set, Respond: Your 72-Hour Plan for Cyber Incidents

October 17 12:00 PM Online

A step-by-step guide to crafting a comprehensive response strategy that kicks in when a cyber incident strikes. Learn how to mobilize your response team, communicate effectively, and mitigate damage within...